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Why Pet Sitting?!?

Have you ever been called away on a business trip, or just gone on that weekend getaway and wondered what to do with your furry four legged friends? In the past you did not have many options...board them at the vet's office, board them at a facility where they are out of their normal environment with many other animals, or have a potentially unreliable friend/neighbor come into your home and care for them.

When using these methods of care for your pets they can often become stressed...they might not eat their food, they might contract a disease from another animal, they might develop behavior problems such as feet chewing or separation anxiety, or they might just get depressed without the love they are used to.


Well...Times have changed!!

Nothin' But Luv Pet Services understands! We know how important and special pets are to their caregivers. That's why we are dedicated to providing superior care and love for them while you are away! Our goal is to help them feel as happy and secure as possible by caring for them like they are our own! You will have peace of mind knowing that “The Only Person Who Luvs Your Pet More Than Us, Is You!”

Not only will we care for your furry Ohana, but we also will make sure your home looks lived in to minimize the chance of burglary! In addition to this we also offer a Lockout Service if you allow us to keep a key on file. To make your life just a little bit easier, we can also take your pet(s) to the vet or groomer.(Upon availability)

We understand how important your pet is to you! Because of this, we also offer dog walking which will give your dog that much needed potty break, while also giving the proper amount of exercise based upon breed specific needs. Not only that, but walks are one of the best ways to keep your pet's nails from getting too long (regardless of breed)! We will also alert you about anything out of the ordinary regarding your pet's health. We want to help you catch health problems early to make sure that your pet is with you for a very long time!


Let us pamper your furry Ohana!

While you are away there are very few options that will care for and LUV on your precious pets and possessions better or more completely than Nothin' But Luv Pet Services! We provide professional Pet Sitting in Kihei, Dog Walking in Kihei, and Pet Sitting in Wailea.

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